Nico Salgado | Acquisitions Director

Nico has a BS in Business Marketing and Management and a minor in Economics. He also holds a Master's degree in Spanish Language Education and spent the past 18 years as a Spanish teacher while investing in real estate. Apart from teaching and investing in real estate, Nico is an entrepreneur, coach, mentor, and leader. He is an avid surfer, woodworker, traveler, and extremely proud father. Nico began investing in real estate in 2012 with a single-family development project and has since transitioned into multifamily. He is currently a GP in 44 units valued at over $6MM. He hosts a biweekly meet-up group titled the Multifamily Investors Network NY. Nico also hosts the Small Axe podcast where he interviews industry leaders in multifamily, and he believes “it only takes a small axe to build a lasting empire”.

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